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What is atomization?
For a long time, large medical devices in China are mainly dependent on imports, and the rate of independent R & D is low. However, with the increase of scientific research investment and the progress of technology in our country, the localization of large medical devices is gradually realized. In the early hours of December 23, The first medical heavy ion accelerator developed independently in our country successfully produced beam and reached the design target.

Atomization inhalation is a therapeutic method for controlling local inflammation by changing medicine into aerosol particles through atomizer and entering the airway directly with natural respiration.

Atomization inhalation does not need the active cooperation of children and can be used in children of any age and any state. It is one of the most important ways to treat asthma in children.

How long does the atomization inhalation take?

The amount of atomization liquid is 2-4 ml, atomization time 5-10 min, 1-2 times a day.

Mode of atomization inhalation

Add the solution to the disinfected atomization suction device, link the power device (wall oxygen or atomization pump), hold the mouth or wear a mask (to avoid air leakage), breathe calmly and open the power device (eg, with wall oxygen, the flow rate is adjusted to 5-6 litres / min), shut down the power plant after the use of the liquid in the atomized tank.

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