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China has realized the localization of the largest medical device in the world
For a long time, large medical devices in China are mainly dependent on imports, and the rate of independent R & D is low. However, with the increase of scientific research investment and the progress of technology in our country, the localization of large medical devices is gradually realized. In the early hours of December 23, The first medical heavy ion accelerator developed independently in our country successfully produced beam and reached the design target.

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in the early hours of December 23, the first self-developed medical heavy ion accelerator in China successfully produced a beam out of the beam and reached the design target. This means that heavy ion radiotherapy for cancer patients will no longer rely on foreign technical equipment. It also indicates that China has achieved the localization of the world's largest medical devices.

It is reported that the medical heavy ion accelerator is located in Wuwei City Gansu Province and has been developed since May 2012. It is the result of the accumulation and inheritance of the scientific research experience of the Institute of Modern Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the past 60 years. The equipment achieves the acceleration of carbon ion beam (400 MEV per nucleon) and the slow extraction of nonlinear resonance, which can be used for heavy ion radiotherapy in tumor patients, especially for difficult and unsuitable surgery. Tumor types that are prone to recurrence using other treatments. It is reported that after the heavy ion accelerator has successfully left the beam, it will also apply to the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration for testing. It can be used in clinic.

Previously, only Fudan University Cancer Hospital has a set of imported medical heavy ion accelerator equipment.
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