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Delivery of laryngeal mask
For a long time, large medical devices in China are mainly dependent on imports, and the rate of independent R & D is low. However, with the increase of scientific research investment and the progress of technology in our country, the localization of large medical devices is gradually realized. In the early hours of December 23, The first medical heavy ion accelerator developed independently in our country successfully produced beam and reached the design target.

A 20-foot cabinet of goods is one of our old customers, and place order for every month. By visiting the factory, our customers are very satisfied with our factory strength. Our company has CE certification and conforms to EU national standards. Raw materials imported into Germany, Japan, etc. to ensure the quality of products. In order to meet the needs of the market, our company started automated production, greatly improved production efficiency. If you want to learn more about medical products, Please feel free contact us.

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