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About endotracheal tube
Endotracheal intubation refers to the technique of placing a special endotracheal tube into the trachea through the glottis. 

Emergency tracheal intubation technology has become an important measure in the rescue of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and critically ill patients with respiratory dysfunction. Tracheal intubation is an important rescue technique commonly used in emergency work. It is one of the most widely used, most effective and fastest methods in respiratory management. It is a basic skill that medical staff must master. It is important for saving patients' lives and reducing mortality. To vital role. And it can timely suck out tracheal secretions or foreign bodies, prevent foreign bodies from entering the airways, keep the airways open, and perform effective artificial or mechanical ventilation of the physiological anatomy of the larynx. Preventing patients from hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention tracheal intubation is directly related to success of rescue Whether the patient can be transported safely and the patient's prognosis.

Indications for emergency tracheal intubation:
① The patient's spontaneous breathing stops suddenly;
② Those who cannot meet the needs of the body's ventilation and oxygen supply and need mechanical ventilation;
③ Can not clear the upper respiratory tract secretions, gastric contents reflux or bleeding at any time aspiration;
④ There are people with upper respiratory tract injury, stenosis, obstruction, tracheoesophageal fistula, etc. that affect normal ventilation;
⑤ Acute respiratory failure;
⑥ Central or peripheral respiratory failure.

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