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Do you know the history of the development of the laryngeal mask?(二)

       Brain is looking for an opportunity to actually apply the laryngeal mask, and he will prevent the laryngeal mask from being worn in his car no matter where he goes. I finally underwent surgical anesthesia for a 40-year-old man at the William Harvery Hospital in August and succeeded. In the year after the invention of the laryngeal mask, Brain made 70 laryngeal masks using the sac of the Goldman nasal mask. Later, Brain applied a laryngeal mask to establish airway management in 23 patients. The results showed that compared with the tracheal intubation, there was no emergency of the airway, and it was well ventilated. Brain wrote 23 cases of the study "Laryngeal mask - a new concept of airway management" to the . This article with a monumental significance was rejected at the first submission! After many twists and turns, the article was finally published in the journal in August 1983.

      After the article was published, it did not cause much repercussions. At the time when the tracheal intubation dominated the anesthesia industry, not many people could accept the effectiveness and safety of the laryngeal mask. Brain clearly realized that it is only by himself to further improve the laryngeal mask. Brain decided to re-create the laryngeal mask with liquid latex. Still use a plaster model to make a latex laryngeal mask. Although the latex laryngeal mask is much improved compared to the previous Goldman cuff laryngeal mask, there are still some shortcomings in application: the thickness of the cuff wall is uneven and the surface is not smooth enough. So Brain started looking for new materials with good airtightness and high smoothness. So the silica gel entered Brain's line of sight. At that time, Dunlop Company (also known as the company that produces tires) used silica gel to make the closure of the aircraft door. Just Dunlop had a small medical materials department. Brain found Dunlop to seek cooperation. After a period of time. The trial system, named Dunlop Silicone Laryngeal Mask, was released in 1986. The look and feel is very close to the classic laryngeal mask we are using now.

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