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Do you know the history of the development of the laryngeal mask?(一)

The laryngeal mask is the most important invention in the airway device for nearly 30 years. When it comes to the laryngeal mask, it has to be able to mention its inventor, Dr. Archie Brain, an anesthesiologist at the Royal London Hospital. The student's Brain is very interested in physics, and the language is also very talented. After graduating from St Bartholomew School of Medicine in 1970, he received anesthesia training. After working as a director in a Dutch hospital, he later went to work in Seychelles. During his experience of two difficult airways, he developed a method to improve ventilation idea.

In 1980, Brain returned to the Royal London Hospital. In an accidental lecture, Brain heard that American anesthesiologist Lucien Morris talked about the problems of endotracheal intubation and that airway management needs to be adjusted. Combining his experience with the difficult airway in Seychelles, he began to look for a suitable airway management program.

In early 1981, Brain obtained a cadaver specimen from the London Throat Science Institute and began experimenting with gypsum infusion to create a throat space model. In June of that year, Brain was playing with the cuff of the nasal mask after a narcotic anesthesia, and the cuff of the nasal mask was stretched to resemble the size and shape of the previously produced throat plaster model. Then Brain brought the cuff of the nasal mask back to the dissection room to see if it could fit into the throat. Fortunately, "the sides of the cuff just enter the pear-shaped fossa, and the distal end is consistent with the hypo-pharynx behind the glottis." . That is, this day, the "nasal mask" turned gorgeously and was named "laryngeal mask" by Brain. Brain managed to connect the tracheal tube to the cuff of the nasal mask. So the first laryngeal mask came out. Currently in the Berkshire Medical Museum in the UK.

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