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What’s the use of “ Nebulize inhalation”?
Nebulizing inhalation seems to be a simple operation, which also contains a lot of knowledge, only understand the principle of nebulizing inhalation, master the operation of nebulizing inhalation, to make the drug play its maximum medicinal value.

Nebulization refers to the use of nebulizers of different devices to break down the drug into particles of a very small diameter. Due to the machine, the diameter of these particles is not the same. Generally speaking, if the particle diameter is too large, it is easy to be incarcerated into the mouth and digestive tract, and the diameter is too small to be easily dispersed, and it starts to settle after hitting the airway wall. Therefore, the particles that can be deposited into the bronchi and the lungs should be between 1-5 microns in diameter, which is determined by the quality of the nebulizer.

Particles nebulized into an aerosol can be absorbed by the body through inertia, gravity sedimentation, and Brownian motion to reach the medicinal site. When nebulizing, if inhaled by the nose, due to the complicated structure of the nasal cavity, when the drug passes through the nasal cavity, many drugs with larger particles will adhere to the nasal cavity, and not only the drug can not exert the effect, but also the waste of the drug. The oral structure is simple and spacious. It is inhaled with a mouth during nebulization. Although some drugs remain in the mouth, the overall utilization rate is higher than that of nasal inhalation.

Therefore, when nebulizing, the mouth must first inhale, the nose exhales; secondly, the inhalation should be slow and deep inhalation, the inspiration flow is too fast, easy to incarcerate into the mouth, as soon as possible for a moment, the drug will settle better to the bottom of the lungs; after the end of the nebulization, pay attention to gargle in time to avoid affecting the flora inside the mouth, and at the same time clean the mask to avoid the contamination of the mask to affect the next use. There are two types of masks, such as nebulized inhalation and mouth-type nebulized inhalation. The nebulization effect is about the same and can be used.

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