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Disposable medical medium sheet
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  • Disposable medical medium sheet
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    Disposable medical medium sheet
    • 1000pcs
    • 500pcs
    • ISO,CE
    Product detailed introduction
    Type : A, B;
    Specification: 45cmx60cm、45cmx65cm、45cmx70cm、70cmx100cm、75cmx90cm、75cmx150cm、75cmx220cm、75cmx230cm、80cmx60cm、80cmx80cm、80cmx90cm、80cmx110cm、or customized according to the requirement.

    Simple profile about type A,B

    Type A is cut from nonwovens;

    Type B cut from drenched nonwovens

    About trial order: Our trial order is 500 pieces, you can pay half of the purchase price first, and pay the balance after receiving the goods.

    About delivery time:
     Ship within 30 days. It is also determined by the number of products.

    About the service: 
    We can provide production line consulting and technical service support. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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