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Automatic Plane Mask Machine line
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    Automatic Plane Mask Machine
    Automatic Plane Mask Machine line
    • Automatic Plane Mask Machine
    • Making mask or medical mask
    Product detailed introduction

     Automatic Plane Mask Machine

    Technical characteristics

    The entire production line has a film frame mechanism, a film making mechanism, a nose clip insertingsealing and cutting mechanism, a conveyor, an ear wire welding machine, and a discharge conveyor.

    The production line adopts a " one-drag-two "structure , and the mask machine is automatically conveyed to the 2 sets of ear-wire automatic ultrasonic welding stations through a conveying system .

    Nose clips and ear lines for automatic feeding, cutting and ultrasonic welding.

    Working principle

    Surface layer, filter layer and bottom layer, these three fabrics will automatically align and output materials.Symmetrical ultrasonic continuous blanking on both sides. After continuous roller blanking and cutting, it is diverted to 2 stations for ear-wire welding to improve work efficiency. At last, the ear-wires are welded, the stacking is automatically counted.

    Main parameter
    Adult mask specification 175 x 95 mm
    Children's mask specifications 150 x 90 mm
    Production speed 90-110 PCS/MIN
    Adapted materials Non-woven, Composite fiber, Filter sponge (Filter paper),  Activated carbon cloth.
    Applicable layers 3 floors
    Welding method Ultrasonic welding
    Operation screen 7” touch screen
    Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
    Air consumption 300L/min
    Power 8.5KW
    Voltage 220v/1PH 50HZ
    Standard mask specifications L:175MM W:95MM
    Exterior color Creamy-white
    Total weight 1500kg(based on reality)
    Area L6700mm*W3600mm*H2000mm

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